The Roller-Coaster of Contract Work

Ben Buie | 8/12/15

It’s been six months since I changed my LinkedIn job to “Freelance Web Developer at A Computer.” In a blog post at that time (about starting as a contract developer), I mentioned the roller-coaster of entrepreneurship. I knew what I was getting into, I have launched several successful and not so successful businesses over the years. Now, looking back six months later, the ride Read More >>

Is There Happiness in Divorce?

Ben Buie | 8/11/15

Divorce is an extremely sensitive topic and I hope to share my thoughts in an personal way, void of offense. My goal is not to make anyone feel guilty for past decisions. As far as I know, none of us have a time machine, so why worry about things we can’t change. :) We can only move forward Read More >>

Fixed Price Development Contracts Are Bad For Business

Ben Buie | 7/23/15

As a freelance web developer, the first question I often get from a new client is, “Can you give me a quote for X?” This is a great question and I usually give them a ballpark figure or refer them to this article: the price of a website. These quick estimates are great for helping them make a Read More >>

Learn the Trinity Knot

Ben Buie | 7/16/15

I’ve been teaching people how to tie a tie on YouTube for about 8 years. I have a ton of fun and really love it a lot. I’m looking to make 12 more videos this year, so stay tuned. I finally got around to editing this video. If you’d like to spice up your look, Read More >>

Suffocated By Paradise

Ben Buie | 7/1/15

I recently heard the story of Chris Burkard (watch below). Early in his career he said his life was filled with, “blue skies, warm, tropical beaches, and a tan that lasts all year long.” I’m jealous already. “To me,” he continued, “this was it! Life could not get any better.” You see, Chris is a surf Read More >>