I’ve always enjoyed a good video. I try to follow the latest viral videos and keep up with my favorite video Podcasts, Ted Talks. Every once in a while I’ll find one I just have to share.

The videos below are a collection of these video gems and I’ve even thrown in a couple videos from my own YouTube channels (BenBuieTV and MyNiceTie).

The Blue Side of Conservatism

Ben Buie | 4/11/16

It is no secret that I’m a conservative. In fact, I probably wear that on my sleeve a little too much. Having attended a very liberal school like CU, I sometimes stuck out like a sore thumb, particularly because the 2012 presidential run happened smack dab in the middle of my MBA. I could go Read More >>

Learn the Trinity Knot

Ben Buie | 7/16/15

I’ve been teaching people how to tie a tie on YouTube for about 8 years. I have a ton of fun and really love it a lot. I’m looking to make 12 more videos this year, so stay tuned. I finally got around to editing this video. If you’d like to spice up your look, Read More >>

Suffocated By Paradise

Ben Buie | 7/1/15

I recently heard the story of Chris Burkard (watch below). Early in his career he said his life was filled with, “blue skies, warm, tropical beaches, and a tan that lasts all year long.” I’m jealous already. “To me,” he continued, “this was it! Life could not get any better.” You see, Chris is a surf Read More >>

Inspiring Entrepreneurship

Ben Buie | 2/23/15

One of my passions is entrepreneurship. A lot of reasons come to mind for this: my Father was an entrepreneur, my Mother always told me to be my own boss, I experienced the joy of bringing people value early in my life, and I believe that entrepreneurship is the answer to many of America’s future Read More >>

Reflecting on Marriage

Ben Buie | 2/16/15

For me, Valentines Day is always a great time to reflect on my relationship with Brooke. I think we’d agree that we’re doing better than ever. Marriage and our little family has become the best thing (and sometimes hardest thing) we’ve ever been a part of. We’ve been married 7 amazing years now (going on 8) Read More >>