MyNiceTie Founder

Ben Buie | 5/16/13

MyNiceTie started after a friend gave me $7,000 so I could fly to Korea and buy 1,000 ties. I ended up getting them for half off and bought 2,000. I landed several wholesaling partnerships and built a website.

I learned a ton about digital marketing and designed a marketing strategy that has resulted in 18 million YouTube views. The strategy also includes helping people through micro-finance. MyNiceTie loans 20% of all necktie sales to struggling people all over the world. As of 2013, it has helped 380 entrepreneurs in 38 countries.

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About the Author

Ben currently works as a business consultant in Boulder, Colorado.

An entrepreneur from childhood, Ben has always been passionate about finding opportunities that produce value. This passion led him to study entrepreneurship at BYU where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. After two years building business systems for Payless Shoesorce, he went on to get an MBA from CU-Boulder where he again focused on entrepreneurship. Recently, as Managing Director of VOLTAGE, Ben implemented a business system that helped the company achieve 30% profitability.

To-date, he has founded or co-founded 4 companies, the most notable being MyNiceTie, the most watched necktie channel on YouTube with over 32 million views, and Spark Boulder, the first space for student startups at CU.

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