The Hidden Cost of Poor Development

Ben Buie | 8/17/15

I’ve been doing contract development for about 7 months and I’m finally getting a good feel for what the market will pay for my services and skills. That said, I’m still surprised by people who won’t. They choose to go with cheaper, less experienced developers or overseas developers because of the lower rate. Let’s investigate (dear Watson) Read More >>

The Roller-Coaster of Contract Work

Ben Buie | 8/12/15

It’s been six months since I changed my LinkedIn job to “Freelance Web Developer at A Computer.” In a blog post at that time (about starting as a contract developer), I mentioned the roller-coaster of entrepreneurship. I knew what I was getting into, I have launched several successful and not so successful businesses over the years. Now, looking back six months later, the ride Read More >>

Is There Happiness in Divorce?

Ben Buie | 8/11/15

Divorce is an extremely sensitive topic and I hope to share my thoughts in an personal way, void of offense. My goal is not to make anyone feel guilty for past decisions. As far as I know, none of us have a time machine, so why worry about things we can’t change. :) We can only move forward Read More >>

Fixed Price Development Contracts Are Bad For Business

Ben Buie | 7/23/15

As a freelance web developer, the first question I often get from a new client is, “Can you give me a quote for X?” This is a great question and I usually give them a ballpark figure or refer them to this article: the price of a website. These quick estimates are great for helping them make a Read More >>

Learn the Trinity Knot

Ben Buie | 7/16/15

I’ve been teaching people how to tie a tie on YouTube for about 8 years. I have a ton of fun and really love it a lot. I’m looking to make 12 more videos this year, so stay tuned. I finally got around to editing this video. If you’d like to spice up your look, Read More >>