Persevering the New House

benbuie | 8/13/14

We had no idea what buying a house meant, let alone a fixer-upper. Right now I’m sitting on my bed exhausted. I just got done putting the second coat of sealant on the basement floor. I’m currently on a mad dash to finish the basement and refinance by the end of the year to get our PMI down.

My next projects are to wire the lights in the basement and then drywall the ceiling. I may pay someone to do the drywall, but I’m kind of excited to do the lights myself. After the basement is done, I’ll start on the bathrooms. Ahhh!

On a happier note, I think I won the battle with mice. I had to learn their ways, block their paths, and catch the stragglers. I haven’t seen any new evidence of them for a couple weeks, but the true test will be when winter comes.

Looking back on the past 3 months of non-stop work, I often ask myself if I would ever by a fixer-upper again. The answer is no, but I would probably by this fixer-upper again. It is turning out to be the perfect house for our little family, I just need to stick in there for a couple more months.


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