Help Spark Boulder Educate Startup Minded Students

Ben Buie | 1/3/17

As you know, entrepreneurship is one of my passions for many reasons, one of which is the impact it can have on people. I’ve found the entrepreneurial mindset is one of the most valuable things a student can have as they embark in their career, no matter if they start in the corporate world or Read More >>

The Blue Side of Conservatism

Ben Buie | 4/11/16

It is no secret that I’m a conservative. In fact, I probably wear that on my sleeve a little too much. Having attended a very liberal school like CU, I sometimes stuck out like a sore thumb, particularly because the 2012 presidential run happened smack dab in the middle of my MBA. I could go Read More >>

Contractor VS. Employee: Who Dominates?

Ben Buie | 12/29/15

It seems like everyone is looking for web developers these days. Being a developer, I get lots of questions in these 4 categories: (1) my development skills, (2) my contractor rate, (3) my work location (on site or remote), and (4) my willingness to be an employee again. My skills usually start the conversation and I’ve tried to make it Read More >>

Do ideas have value?

Ben Buie | 11/6/15

I’ve been entrepreneurial minded ever since I can remember. I’ve talked about this before, but I think it had a lot to do with my dad’s example and my mom’s wisdom. Looking back on my career, the entrepreneurial mindset has been my most valuable asset. Being that I think a lot about business opportunities, I’ve Read More >>

The Hidden Cost of Poor Development

Ben Buie | 8/17/15

I’ve been doing contract development for about 7 months and I’m finally getting a good feel for what the market will pay for my services and skills. That said, I’m still surprised by people who won’t. They choose to go with cheaper, less experienced developers or overseas developers because of the lower rate. Let’s investigate (dear Watson) Read More >>