Voltage: all good things come to an end.

benbuie | 2/11/15

Working at Voltage has been worth every minute of my time.

My original plan was to stay at Voltage for two years and then see what happens. I wanted to get some full-time web development experience and then possibly transition back to the business side of the tech world. I couldn’t be happier with the opportunity I had to work on some great web assets for amazing companies like Reebok, Sherwin Williams, Brunton, Winter Park, and others.  Transitioning back to the business side of things happened a little earlier than I wanted when I was took the reigns as Managing Director, but I went with it because I still spent most of my time coding.

My favorite thing about Voltage is the people. They are a great group of friendly people that made going to work everyday enjoyable. I’ll miss the quad copter tournaments, I’ll miss the cornhole competitions, and I’ll miss the lunches talking about internet culture and watching the latest viral videos. I hope Chris and Randy really do start recording a lunch podcast. I’ll definitely subscribe.

I’m very sad to say goodbye, but plan on keeping in touch for both contract work and awesome design/creative for my future endeavors.

You’re probably asking yourself why I’m leaving. It was a very hard decision, but I started feeling like I needed a change about two months ago. I have a lot going on outside of work with my side business, MyNiceTie.com, and I have also been neglecting my true passion—startups. Working a full-time job makes it impossible to move my career in the direction I want to go. This wasn’t the only reason, but this, coupled with some prayerful inspiration helped me know that now is the time.

So what’s next? If all goes according to plan, I’ll be doing freelance, full-stack development part-time, general business consulting part-time, and looking for/launching a startup with the rest. I have a couple ideas, but I want to find the right team before I settle on a path.

So that is that! Goodbye Voltage. Hello startup. Along those lines, if you know of anyone in need of freelance development or business consulting, let me know.

About the Author

Ben currently works as a contract web developer in Boulder, Colorado.

Ben has an extensive background in web development. After starting MyNiceTie in 2006, he taught himself to code by building a website to reach new customers. Over the years he has continued to learn while building many other websites for clients and his own startups. In 2013, he started at VOLTAGE as a Senior Front-end Developer and built websites and web assets for some amazing companies like Reebok, Sherwin Williams, Brunton, Winter Park, and others. In early 2015, Ben left voltage to work as a contract web developer and has continued to hone his JavaScript skills with several complex sites using Angular, Responsive DevelopmentD3, Google Charts, WordPress, Shopify, and other tools.

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